Get Microsoft Points Codes Totally Free

If you own a Xbox, you probably wonder is there a way by which one can get free Microsoft points?

Well am glad to say indeed there is a way. And don’t need anything besides your email id to claim your code. If you follow the steps properly you can have your codes ready in few minutes max.

All the codes are 100% working and verified.You can redeem region specific codes just mention the country while claiming the code.Each person is eligible to get only only 4000 Microsoft Points.

How to get Free Microsoft Points?

If you are tired of paying for Microsoft points there are Free Microsoft Points Codes available on the Internet you just need to do some research to find all of the different websites that are reviewing these various codes. These codes are not fraud or someone trying to “game” Xbox it is a genuine offer, Microsoft will provide a batch of codes that give free psn codes access as part of their promotions and the websites that harvest these codes can then give them to you.

The reason these websites are so generous is they want people to come to their website and see the various advertisements on the site prior to giving you the free Microsoft points, these advertisers will pay the website owner a premium for the ability to introduce you to what they have to offer. Now that you know the reasons why the codes are being given away it is time to head online and look for the MS points that will keep you gaming for free.

Whats is Microsoft Points?

Microsoft points are hassle free virtual payment solution introduced by Microsoft so that Xbox live users can purchase online without worrying about the cost. It’s a prepaid card which users can purchase beforehand from different retails shops and redeem it in Xbox marketplaces. The MS points can be used to purchase premium content such as full version games, songs over Zune etc. The MS points are very beneficial to the users as they don’t have to worry about the security of their credit cards and also the fees sustained per transaction are reduced. Microsoft points are available worldwide but the cost of the points varies for the same quantity locally due to the fluctuations in currency and fees levied. In some countries it costs more and is some places less. When Microsoft points were first introduced the price of MS points were almost same across all the countries. But later the price chart was altered as per the exchange rates. In certain countries VAT (value added tax) is added to the cost of the MS points like in Europe 6% VAT is charged on top of the price of the Microsoft points.

Here is the list of countries where VAT is applicable:

  •       Europe
  •       Cananda  (Service tax)
  •       US (State tax + Sales tax)

MS points are available in number of denomination ranging from 100 to 6000.In US 80 points costs 1$.So for 10$ in real world currency Xbox users can buy 1000 points.

Current Microsoft Points Rate:

  • 800 Microsoft Points   $9.99
  • 1200 Microsoft Points  $14.99
  • 1600 Microsoft Points  $19.96
  • 4000 Microsoft Points  $49.96

Microsoft Points purchased in one region cannot be used in another region. It means if one buys MS points in Europe then he/she cannot redeem the same code in US. This is one of the limitations of MS points. But Microsoft cannot do much in this regard as each country has different regulations. The points and all the purchases done in Xbox Live Marketplace is non refundable.

Ways to get Free Microsoft Points Codes

  •      Offline/Online Retail Store
  •      Windows Live Gallery
  •      Zune Marketplace
  •      Promotions and Events (Used to get Free Microsoft Points)

Microsoft Point card is 25 digits long and once users enter the code in Xbox Live 360 dashboard online the points are credited instantly in the account.MS points have no expiry date but the points got through promotion have generally 30 days expiry.The card can be used to redeem fixed set of points. The card cannot be recharged once used up. And also the points are non transferable between Xbox users.

Microsoft point can be used by Xbox users to purchase following from Xbox Live Marketplace:

  1.      Games
  2.      Themes
  3.      Game Extensions
  4.      Gamertag Profiles
  5.      Rent or buy Songs/Media/Other downloadable content on Zune.

MS points can be used in Zune market place as well to purchase media.



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